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ASDN Logistics analysis software is written in Java programming language and thus platform independent. The software is running on Java Web Start platform which allows automatic updates and off-line use. The latest version of Java Web Start is contained in the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 5.0.

Is my computer running Java?

You can test that your computer is running Java by browsing to Sun's
Java test page

Manual Java download and installation page:

Download software and source codes

We suggest that you download latest version of ASDN-software from our
project site at SourceForge, which includes also source codes, feature
requests, bug reports etc.

Currently we are supporting two complied .jnlp files which should start

(1) Stable release

(2) Development release (unstable, but always the latest version)

Getting started instructions

ASDN 1-2-3 Quick User Guide By Petri Kärki

ASDN Tutorial version 01 - outdated, but includes functionality description of basic features: